Team Members

With less than 1% rotation of employees since establishing in 2011, our team members are given biweekly doctor visits, Rainforest Alliance certified living facilities including a full equipped kitchen with three warm cooked meals per day, quarterly meetings with a finance specialist who guides them on how to properly manage their earnings as well as a scholarship program for those who wish to further engage in the various areas cacao has to offer. 

Native Birds

We teamed up with Fundación Jambeli to serve as a foster hub to birds native to the area. Our alliance particularly focuses on the conservation and procreation of the Guayacan Verde. This is an endangered species who have trouble finding safe places to mate. At Hacienda Victoria we hold a special area where the birds are brought in pairs and are given veterinary care, food and all the necessary adjustments until mating occurs and the baby birds can be carefully released into the wild.


We are committed to create a biodiverse space that can serve as a home for birds and other species. We currently hold over a quarter of our land with native trees and are fastly planting more. By the end of 2023 we estimate to plant at least 500 trees and counting. 


Just a couple of kilometers away from us lives a tiny and joyful community called Bajada de Progreso. Together with the support of the Fundación Unidos por la Educación a worldwide NGO that builds a support system within education, we were able to build an elementary school which not only holds top of the line technology but more importantly carries the value of teaching educators, parents and  the entire community the benefits of keeping each other well organized and as a priority, reinforcing alternative studies for kids and teenagers.

Growing Responsibly

In order for us to become a safe environmental space to preserve and rescue Cacao Nacional Arriba we firstly considered our engagement with the land that nurtures our fruit. For this, we implemented a resourceful irrigation system and have endured in taking care of the ground by putting into practice responsible soil management. This not only benefits our crops but surely and effectively allows a contagious effect which provides better organic matter throughout the area around us.

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